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Children's Activity DayKEET KIDS at the Garden

HBGF has partnered with KEET-TV to create a series of monthly classes at the Humboldt Botanical Garden.  Classes meet from 10 am until noon on the second Thursday of every month.  They are geared for children 2 – 8.  Classes from this series are FREE.

August 8 “Careful Campout” Print Flyer
View: Sid the Science Kid “Eating and Singing Under the Stars” (song)
Read: Fire in the Forest
Do: Sing around the (pretend) campfire, Paper bag tents,
PBS Kids Explore the Outdoors Take Home Activity:
Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers
Dot’s Nature Poetry

September 12 “Windy Windy Fall”  Print Flyer
View: Sesame Street Word of the Day, “Wind” and
Curious George Swings into Spring (hot air balloon festival)
Read: A is for Autumn
Do: Leaf rubbings, sticky paper nature collages, Windsocks, Butterfly kites
Hauling dead leaves to the compost pile,
PBS Kids Explore the Outdoors Take Home Activity:
Curious George pinwheel
Sesame Street on-line games about the seasons
Weather observation coloring sheets

October 10 “Pumpkin Pumpkin Applekin!” Print Flyer
View: Sid the Science Kid, “Decaying Pumpkin” (applesauce and pumpkins)
Read: Picking Apples and Pumpkins,
There was an old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves
Do: Build Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow, Pumpking bowling, Jack-o-lantern collages,
PBS Kids Explore the Outdoors Take Home Activity:
Have your own campout and roast some marshmallows or hot dogs
Cat in the Hat on line activity guides Exploring Trees and Animals in Trees

Keep checking in!  More HumBot Kids classes, events & online activities are on their way!

If you have ideas for classes or are interested in teaching a class contact us.